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Jury forming for trial of mother who prayed instead of getting help for dying daughter

A jury is expected to be set today in the trial of Leilani Neumann, the Wausau area woman accused of praying instead of getting help for her dying daughter.

About 90 potential jurors showed up at the Marathon County Courthouse Thursday.

And by mid-afternoon, 40 were sent home when it became clear there were enough qualified jury candidates.

The Neumanns are said to practice faith-healing.

Some potential jurors said they didn't believe in faith-healing themselves, but were open to the idea that it might help others.

Neumann and her husband Dale are both charged with second-degree reckless homicide, after their daughter Madeline, 11, died in March of last year of diabetic complications that were never diagnosed.

Prosecutors said the Neumanns should have gotten treatment, but the couple has claimed their actions were not criminal due to religious freedoms.

Opening arguments in Leliani Neumann's trial are scheduled to begin Saturday. About 50 people are on the witness list, including Dale Neumann, who's scheduled to have his own trial in late July.