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Health experts watch swine flu trends as summer camps open

With child camps and summer school about to open, Wisconsin health experts are watching swine flu trends more closely than ever.

Milwaukee has had 700 new cases in less than a week, even though officials had expected the outbreak to slow down during the summer.

Chief medical officer Geoffrey Swain is not encouraging public places to disinfect their buildings but he says routine cleaning is a must. Milwaukee reported 2,618 cases of the H1N1 virus as of Thursday.

Wisconsin had 3,407 cases in its last report on Tuesday including four deaths - three in Milwaukee and one near Wausau.

Swain says folks in Milwaukee could be running into people who have the virus and not know it. It appears to spread when a person coughs or sneezes and then another person sees droplets. It's also spread by hand-shaking, which is why health officials encourage everyone to wash their hands more often.

At Camp Anokijig in Plymouth, director Jim Scherer says nobody eats until their hands get squirted with disinfectant.

Two of Wisconsin's four deaths were children and experts say the swine flu has killed a larger proportion of young people than the average winter flu strains.