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Bucks' top draft choice Brandon Jennings' phone chat with rapper leaks onto Internet

The Milwaukee Bucks' top draft choice had some rather choice words in a phone conversation with rap singer Joe Budden that showed up on the Internet.

Among other things, Brandon Jennings, 19, said the Bucks would not re-sign point guard Ramon Sessions, and Luke Ridnour would be his back-up. He later said he wasn't sure.

Jennings also said ESPN's Jay Bilas was "hatin' on him" during last week's draft - he was the best-dressed of all the players on stage - and point guard Ricky Rubio was over-rated.

Jennings also said he wished bad things for the New York Knicks because "they skipped out on me."

Jennings also called Bucks' coach Scott Skiles "tough," was not sure what the coach liked about his game.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quoted from Jennings' conversation this morning.