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Woman explains Krazy Glue sexual assault charges on Today Show

The Fox Valley woman accused of gluing a man's sex organ to his stomach went on NBC today, and said the man was the predator.

Therese Ziemann, 48, said on the Today Show there was no ringleader, and no collaboration among the four women accused of tying Donessa Davis, 37, of Fond du Lac to a motel bed.

Prosecutors said the four women - including Davis's wife - got him to the motel in Stockbridge on July 30, to punish him for cheating on them.

Ziemann told NBC they went to the motel to let Davis know "the gig was up."

She's the one accused of sexual assault for using Krazy Glue on the man's sex organ.

Ziemann, Wendy Sewell and Michelle Belliveau all appeared in Calumet County Circuit Court Monday.

Ziemann and Sewell will return Aug. 24 on their misdemeanor charges.

Belliveau is due back Sept. 8 for a preliminary hearing on her felony false imprisonment.

Authorities said she was the only one of the four not to have a romantic relationship with Davis.

Meanwhile, he faces criminal charges for allegedly abusing a child, making telephone threats, and stealing the ashes of his late father-in-law.