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Weak twister causes damage in the town of Hudson

Larry Ofstedal and Art Forester work to cover a corner of the roof of Forester's residence. A Wednesday afternoon windstorm knocked down trees at the residence at 807 Larsen Lane. A limb of one of the trees landed on the house.

A weak tornado uprooted and snapped off trees in the town of Hudson at about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

A large American elm next to the Art and Cheryl Forester residence, 807 Larsen Lane, was uprooted. A limb of the falling tree hit the roof of the house, breaking off a portion of the eave and puncturing the roof.

A number of other trees in the Foresters' yard also were also blown down or lost branches.

The yard was littered with fallen poplar trees and branches following the brief storm.

Word of the damage at the Forester residence spread quickly and soon some 40 to 50 friends and neighbors arrived to help clean up the debris.

Larry Ofstedal, a former Hudson High School colleague of Art Forester, was the first to arrive and helped Forester cover the damaged corner of the roof with plastic tarp. A neighbor of the Foresters also helped with the effort.

A couple of the neighbors who came to help said the storm also damaged a nearby residence to the north. Shingles reportedly were torn from the roof of that house, and the garage was said to have been damaged.

Lisa Opel, who lives on Green Mill Lane north of County A, sent Twin Cities television stations a photo of a trampoline ladder that blew from her yard and embedded in the wall of a neighboring house.

Larsen Lane just north of County UU was temporarily blocked by a fallen tree. Men with chainsaws removed the tree from the road.

Two poplars were uprooted and fell across the driveway at the Jason Madison residence, 811 Larsen Lane.

WCCO-TV (Channel 4) showed video of a funnel cloud over Cottage Grove, Minn. It is believed the same storm system passed through the town of Hudson, spawning a weak twister that did the damage there.

There were reports of downed trees along Gilbert Road south of I-94, as well as at the Keith Bevers residence at 635 Countryside Lane.

The storm followed Larsen Lane for a stretch from about a quarter-mile south of County UU to a half-mile north of the county highway.

Larsen Lane homeowners on the south side of County UU also lost trees.

The twister reportedly touched down again in the vicinity of Carmichael Road and County A.

Cheryl Forester, the vocal music teacher at St. Patrick School, said she had just arrived home in a heavy downpour when the swirling wind began to blow powerfully. She said it lasted about less than a minute.

The Foresters were very grateful for the neighbors and friends who came to their assistance. They weren't acquainted with some of the people, who included sets of parents and children from the neighborhood.

One neighbor dropped off soft drinks and snacks for the volunteers.

Chris Evenson and Elliot Krizek brought chainsaws to cut the fallen trees into pieces that could be hauled to the roadside.

Cheryl Forester was scheduled to be at First Baptist Church for a praise team rehearsal that evening. Instead, the praise team came to her and assisted with the cleanup.

By 8 p.m., a task that at first had seemed unmanageable was largely completed.

Larsen Lane is about a half-mile west of Hwy. 12 in the town of Hudson.