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Hudson teachers, principals will determine if Obama speech is viewed

Hudson School District Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten said school principals and teachers will determine if they will use the back-to-school video address by President Barack Obama Tuesday.

The address has caused some conservative backlash across the country.

"Whether the program is viewed will be determined by the age of students, the schedule and how it contributes to the course content," said Bowen-Eggebraaten.

Hudson will not use the lesson plan provided by the White House.

"We will incorporate the message into our lesson plan," said Bowen-Eggebraaten.

The message is expected to focus on working hard and staying in school.

"The message is something we stress all the time - it is an important message," said Bowen-Eggebraaten. "From the calls we have received, it seems that there is a lot of misconceptions and misinformation being circulated."

When asked if most classes will use the video, the superintendent said she "did not know."

Parents, however, have not been specifically notified of the event in Hudson schools.

"The president of the United States is addressing the children," said Bowen-Eggebraaten. "If it fits the curriculum it will be used."

The speech will be made available to the public online on Monday.

She said parents have the option of pulling their student from a class that may use the video messages by submitting a written request. Alternative activities will be made available to students who opt out. For more information about that, go to Parents also have the option of coming to the school and watching the video with their son or daughter.