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Native Americans save tree on UW-Eau Claire campus

Native Americans have saved a culturally-significant oak tree on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus.

It was supposed to be cut down during the construction of a new student center. But Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich agreed this week to spare the tree, and have architects redraw their plans.

The tree is relatively new, but it's a symbolic replacement for a 300-year-old tree that used to be in the same place.

It was said to be where two warring tribes - the Ojibwe and the Dakota Sioux - held peace councils.

The original tree was destroyed by lightning, and the new Council Oak took its place.

The tree was supposed to be replaced by blacktop and a loading dock.

Eau Claire officials were planning to ask the UW Board of Regents to approve the new student center next month.

But because of the tree decision, a spokesman says the request might be delayed.