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Park to honor former police chief

North Hudson Police Chiefs current and past include, from left, Brian Aichele, Rich Jansen and Mark Richert. The late Chief Jansen served the village for 32 years. Aichele took over when he retired and Richert, the current chief, followed Aichele. The photo was taken in October 2005. Photo by Meg Heaton

A new park in the Ridges development of North Hudson will be named in honor of late NHPD Chief Rich Jansen after some details are smoothed out.

Park board committee chair Colleen O'Brien-Berglund said Tuesday the original proposal designated the area Chief Rich Jansen Memorial Park. However, board members devoted considerable discussion time to shortening the name to Chief Jansen Memorial Park, leaving out the Richard.

O'Brien-Berglund will take the matter back to committee and discuss the final name of the park with Jansen's survivors before the board acts on the proposal. "The park will be named after Chief Jansen with a plaque indicating a memorial to him," she said.

"Chief Mark Richert made the suggestion to name the park after Chief Jansen," said O'Brien Berglund.

O'Brien-Berglund said preliminary work had started on the new park in the Ridges and she hoped it would be finished and ready for use in the spring.

"We want to develop a multi-use park, not just for little kids," she said.

Jansen served the community for 32 years. He began his duties as a part-time officer in 1967. He was chief from 1980-1999 when he retired at age 64. He died Nov. 14, 2006. He also owned and operated Hillside Nursery in the village which he developed in 1977 when he bought the Joe Ricci farm.

In the March 11, 1999, edition of the Star-Observer, Jansen said the biggest case he was involved in was in the mid 1980s when his department was involved in arresting 31 people in a $6 million stolen jewelry fencing operation that was working out of North Hudson.

"The $6 million in jewelry represented the largest amount in connection with an arrest in Wisconsin at the time," he said.

For other board action, see page 10A of the Oct. 15th print edition.

The next regular board meeting is set for Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.