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Milwaukee native says she's paying a high cost to be a Good Samaritan

Sometimes, it does no good to do good. A Milwaukee area native learned that lesson in the past year.

Stephanie McCanles of Los Angeles was back home last November when she backed up her car at the airport to help a stranger with a dead battery and sheriff's deputies gave her a $164 ticket for unsafe backing.

McCanles tried to tell them she was being a Good Samaritan. But they said to tell it to the judge which she couldn't do because she was back in California on her court date. So she paid the fine.

And a few months later, her car insurance rate doubled to about $265 a month because the ticket gave her a one-point demerit on her driver's license. McCanles called court officials for help, but she kept getting the runaround.

So her mother called Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Jim Stingl. And he was told McCanles could have a lawyer re-open the case, and she would get her charge amended to a non-moving violation.

Clerk of Court John Barrett calls it a standard deal. It won't give her the fine back.

But McCanles will get the one license point taken away and maybe a break on her insurance.