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Operation HELP Christmas campaign goes online -- correct email

In an effort to streamline the process and cut down on the phone time required to organize the annual Operation HELP Christmas Campaign, an e-mail effort is planned for those families in the Hudson School District wishing to receive Christmas assistance.

Families should send an e-mail to (An incorrect address was published in the Oct. 22 Star-Observer) and

include the following information:

--Full name of adult in the household, address and a evening telephone number.

--Full name, grade and school of the oldest child in the household.

--A list of no more than five things that each child needs and three things that each child would wish for.

--A list of no more than three things each adult would wish for.

--Sizes for each adult and child, including boot or shoe sizes if those are requested.

The requests will be followed by a telephone call so a telephone number is required with each request.

Response time to e-mail will be the quickest, but those unable to use e-mail can contact Operation HELP at (715) 377-9990 during evening hours. Requests for assistance must be received by Dec. 10.

@by:Sponsors, donations

@t:Those interested in sponsoring a family or in making a donation to the Christmas campaign can do so by contacting Operation HELP at the above mentioned e-mail or phone number. Include the following information:

--Name, address and phone number of contact person.

--Size of family desired to sponsor: small, medium or large.

Operation HELP will contact the donors and sponsors by e-mail with details of drop-off times and family gift details.

As always, people may call Operation HELP at (715) 386-0881 during office hours (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m.-noon; and Thursday, 7-9 p.m.) with questions or to volunteer to help.