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Lawmakers question legality of Walker's campaign at UW-Stevens Point

Two Democratic legislators want to know if Republican Scott Walker broke the law, when his campaign for governor held a recent event at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Reps. Marlin Schneider of Wisconsin Rapids and Amy Sue Vruwink of Milladore have asked the Government Accountability Board to look into the matter.

The event was held Nov. 2 by the Walker campaign, and a local news report called it a fundraising rally.

Schneider and Vruwink want to know if it broke the state law against campaign fundraising in government buildings.

Schneider called it a serious issue. Jill Bader of the Walker campaign said the "Students for Walker" received permission to hold a recruitment drive for volunteers, and no money was raised.

She said it's said that Democrats find it necessary to "go after college kids who are volunteering and sharing Scott's message with other students."

The UW System said a preliminary review found no violations, but a further review may be needed.

Walker's camp said more than $25,000 was raised in what it called a "one-day push for donations" the same day the Stevens Point event took place.