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County board filing period opens Dec. 1

For the first time next spring, St. Croix County voters will choose 19 rather than 31 members for the County Board.

Candidates for the reduced-size board could begin collecting signatures on nomination papers Dec. 1. Completed forms for the supervisor positions must be filed in the office of County Clerk Cindy Campbell by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 5.

Primaries, if needed, will be held Feb. 16. The general election is Tuesday, April 6.

The smaller board was mandated by county residents who voted in November 2008 by a margin of more than three to one to cut the number of supervisors to 19. The change will be implemented with the April election.

Although it's expected that some of the current 31 supervisors will not seek re-election, and likely go up against another incumbent, as of early afternoon Monday, none had filed declarations of non-candidacy. The deadline for doing that is Dec. 28.

County Board candidates, who must live in the district they hope to represent, may pick up nomination forms and register their candidacy in the county clerk's office at the Government Center in Hudson.

Forms and instructions for county supervisor positions are also available online. Go to and click on "Candidate Registration" on the left side of the page.

County Board candidates need 20 to 100 signatures on their nomination forms.

For maps of the new districts, go to and click on the "Election Information" graphic.

More information is also available from the clerk's office, (715) 386-4610 or (715) 386-4609.