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Decorum, order was first on St. Joe agenda

Decorum, peace and good order was the first order of business at the town of St. Joseph meeting Thursday, Dec. 5.

"I never thought I would have to schedule something like this on the agenda," said Town Chair Theresa Johnson, responding to behavior at the previous special town board meeting. "Politeness and manners went out the window."

The Chairman's comments were directed at those who attended the meeting, and whose behavior diminished into screaming, interruptions, vulgar language and name-calling.

"We are all adults, and we need to treat each other with respect, this has to stop," said Johnson. "We may not all agree, but we have to respect everyone. Remember, we are all here for the best interest of St. Joe."

Sale of bonds

After approving the use of $3.1 million at the special town board meeting, the town of St. Joseph will be moving forward with the scheduled road construction and town hall projects. Under the current timeline, the town was scheduled to approve the sale of bonds during a special meeting at 6 p.m. on Dec. 6, and has approved the assistance of a third party, Associated Trust - Green Bay, to act as a paying agent.

The road reconstruction plan was again revised and clarified by the town contractor Bonestroo, to account for the specific cost needs that the town approved. The revised plan would accelerate the schedule of the 60th street repair, the largest project, with construction starting in May. "Substantial completion" would be done by Labor Day with final completion by December. This was chosen so that there would be "no impact for school buses."

The town hall expansion is now ready for bidding, and a final bid is planned by the February town board meeting. Comments and concerns about the construction project, which has been promised to not compromise fire coverage during the duration of the construction, will be discussed at the January town board meeting.

Town-wide trash

After sending out several requests for proposals, the town board heard a short presentation from two companies, Veolia and Waste Management, interested in partnering with the town for trash services.

Both offered similar services, such as back-in service with no extra charge for the disabled, and weekly pickup. Under the Veolia proposal, residents would have the choice between 35, 64, and 95-gallon containers, costing $43.50, $47, and $51 a quarter, respectively. Waste Management offers the same containers, however their prices do come in lower at $36, $42, and $49.50, respectively.

While both companies are vying for the proposed three-year contract (with a two year possible extension), a roadblock was hit during the discussion.

"These are both attractive proposals, but I believe that individuals in the town should be able to retain the right to say 'no,'" said Supervisor Dan Gavin. "I am against this because it is mandatory."

Neither of the company's proposals included an "opt-out" clause, and this was a sticking point. No decision was made during the meeting, however it was decided that the town would amend their request for proposals to include pricing and "percentage thresholds." New proposals will be discussed at future meetings.

Upcoming caucus and closures

The Town of St. Joseph has set a caucus date of Thursday, Jan. 7 at 7 p.m.

The town hall will be closed Dec. 23, 24 and 25 for the Christmas holiday.