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County Board has 11 races in April

Proponents of a smaller St. Croix County Board were right about one thing: There is more competition for fewer seats.

In 2008, when all 31 seats were open, there were races in only four districts and there were no candidates on ballots in three districts.

This year, as the number of districts is cut to 19, there will be 11 races, including one primary, and there are no districts lacking a candidate.

The filing deadline was 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Because districts were redrawn in response to a 2008 countywide referendum that reduced the number of County Board members from 31 to 19, in several cases current board members are running against one another.

A February primary election will be held in District 9 where the candidates are Gerald Peterson, Baldwin; Craig Mohn, Woodville; and Bill Peavey, Woodville. Peterson and Peavey are both on the board now.

These are the other districts that have races:

  • District 7, where former board member Stan Krueger, Somerset, is challenging current board member Eugene Ruetz, rural New Richmond.
  • District 8, where current board member Charles Grant, Hammond, is challenged by James Stauffer, Baldwin.
  • District 10, where current board members Julie Speer, Wilson, and Joe Hurtgen, Woodville, are running against one another.
  • District 11, where current board members David Ostness and Lorin Sather, both of River Falls, are running.
  • District 12, where board members David Peterson and Buzz Marzolf are running. This district includes the town of Kinnickinnic and part of the town of Troy.
  • District 14, where Sharon Norton-Bauman is being challenged by Chris Kilber. District 14 includes Wards 1-5 and 9 of the city of Hudson.
  • District 15, where current board members Peter Post and Roger Rebholz are running against one another. This district includes Wards 6-8, 10 and 14 of city of Hudson.
  • District 16, where current board member Clarence "Buck" Malick is challenged by Mark Pribonic. District 16 includes Wards 11-13 of Hudson and Ward 3 of the town of Hudson.
  • District 17, where board member Daryl Standafer is opposed by Curt Weese. District 17 includes Wards 1-6 of the village of North Hudson.
  • District 18, where board member Ken Kolbe is being challenged by Robert Shearer. District 18 includes Wards 1-2 and 8-11 of the town of Hudson.

    These are the unopposed candidates: District 1, Alfred Shrank, Glenwood City; District 2, Brian Hurtgen, Glenwood City; District 3, Roger Larson, Star Prairie; District 4, Ryan Sicard, Somerset; District 5, Fredrick Horne, New Richmond; District 6, Esther Scott Wentz, New Richmond; District 13, Steve Hermsen, Hudson; and District 19, Linda Luckey, Houlton.

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