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Four seek seats in St. Joe township

The Town of St. Joseph held a caucus Thursday, Jan. 7 to nominate citizens for the positions of First and Third Supervisor whose terms will be up this April. For the position of First Supervisor, incumbent Dan Gavin was re-nominated, as well as Planning Commission member Kevin Adkins. Brett Bader was also re-nominated for his seat as Third Supervisor, and will be running against citizen Brian Gullickson.

The election for the Town Board seats is Tuesday, April 6 with the two-year terms beginning Tuesday, April 13.

Promissory notes and S&P Rating

The town of St. Joe has been issued a "AA-" rating from Standard and Poor's. While previously unrated, the Town was able to secure the $3.5 million dollar loan that was passed during last month's special Town Board Meeting at a low interest rate of 2.5 percent.

"Needless to say, we were ecstatic," said town chair Theresa Johnson. With the Town able to borrow the money at such a low rate, the savings would range between $200,000 to $250,000 over the course of the loan.

"That in itself has saved us all a lot of money," Johnson said. "Without a group like Ehlerz, we would have never gotten there."

Budget review

"This board has done an exceptional job with the budget," said Johnson. The town came in under budget by 3 percent in 2009, including the extra spending with storm damage over the summer. The unspent money will be rolled into the general fund for 2010.

Town-wide trash

Controversy still surrounds the option for town-wide trash services. Concerns echoed those of previous months ranging from service types and the option to opt-out and change the service provider, with others wanting the security of steady rates that a town-wide option would create.

Another issue that was brought up during the Town Board meeting is that there is currently no ordinance on the books that would require a town-wide trash hauler.

"We've just asked for information, we haven't made that step yet," said Johnson. No action was taken at the meeting.


The Town Board has passed a resolution to allow flexibility in the number of election officials appointed to work on election days. This change will fall within the budget guidelines, and will provide better flexibility for election officials who cannot spend the entire election day at the Town Hall.