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River Falls man in Haiti: 'I am OK'

Pat and wife Diane O'Malley at a River Falls Rotary gala last fall.

Pat O'Malley, owner of Kilkarney Hills Golf Club in River Falls, arrived in Haiti Tuesday just an hour before the massive earthquake struck. O'Malley has done humanitarian work in Haiti for years and makes frequent trips to that island nation. His family had no word on his well-being until mid-afternoon Wednesday when they got a brief e-mail from him saying, "I am OK."

Daughter Sherry O'Malley said even getting those three words was a relief.

"All we know is that he's alive," she said from the O'Malley home in rural River Falls. "But we don't know anything about his condition or if he's hurt."

Pat O'Malley's three-word e-mail was sent from the American Embassy in Haiti.

In past years O'Malley has traveled to Haiti to build houses, dig clean-water wells and develop sustainable crops.

In a March 2007 River Falls Journal story, O'Malley said about his work in Haiti: "It's nicer to build a house for someone than to go on vacation."

O'Malley has started Haitian Relief Service to provide humanitarian assistance.

Sherry said her father was bringing a vehicle to a school in Port-au-Prince when the powerful earthquake erupted.