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HHS grads meet President Obama

Lt. Commander Jessica Hudson (HHS 1994), center, and her sister Pam Hewitt (HHS 1997) pose with President Barrack Obama during an event at the White House in which Hudson was honored.

Two sisters, both Hudson High School graduates, recently met President Barack Obama at the White House.

Lt. Commander Jessica Hudson (HHS 1994) and her sister Pam Hewitt (HHS 1997) were at the event at which Hudson was honored.

She has been a member of the JAG office in Washington, D.C., since 2001. Now stationed at the Pentagon, Hudson completed three years as a social aide at the White House where she was involved with dinners and receptions for both President Obama and former President Bush.

President Obama was present at her farewell ceremony.

Hewitt is a nurse at the Hudson Clinic.

Both girls are the daughters of Mary Cahoy and granddaughters of Edna and Don Cahoy, all of Hudson.