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No harm intended by men offering ice cream

It may be a sign of the times that an offer of ice cream can lead to a mini-manhunt but that's what happened following an incident last Saturday night.

Hudson Police alerted the public following a report of two men who allegedly tried to entice some children by promising them ice cream. Following release of the alert late Monday, two Hudson High School students came forward on Tuesday morning and told authorities that they were the two men in the truck. They told investigators that they had purchased some ice cream bars and were taking them to one of their teachers who lived nearby but the teacher wasn't home. With the ice cream melting, the two offered them to the children in a nearby yard. Police confirmed that the teacher lived in the neighborhood.

According to the initial report, four children, two boys and two girls, ages 5-11, were playing in a yard at the intersection of Elm and Eighth streets. Just after 7 p.m., two men got the attention of the girls from inside a newer model red pickup truck and asked if they wanted ice cream. The girls laughed and didn't take the question seriously and reported that the men laughed too and drove off. Within a few minutes, however, the truck pulled up to the yard again and this time one of the men made the same offer to the boys.

Chief Marty Jensen said one of the boys told the men that he would have to ask his grandfather and the children went into the house. The truck drove away. The children's parents were notified and they contacted police. The incident took place between 7:10-7:20 p. m. on Saturday.

The children offered descriptions of the men and their truck. Police searched the neighborhood but did not find the truck or the men.

Jensen said that while this incident was harmless in nature, the children acted appropriately by contacting adult family members about the incident. He also urged parents to talk with their children about what to do when they are approached by strangers and to stay clear of vehicles driven by people they don't know.

Jensen said with the onset of warmer weather and summer vacation, the incident should serve as a reminder to parents to talk about safety issues with their children.

Meg Heaton

Meg Heaton has been a reporter with the Hudson Star Observer since 1990. She has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and Native American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

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