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Houlton store sells $200,000 Powerball ticket

Fastrip Markets store in Houlton which sold a $200,000 Powerball ticket

The Wisconsin Lottery reports that Fastrip Markets in Houlton sold a Powerball ticket that won a lucky individual $200,000 in the Sept. 29 drawing.

The winner's ticket matched five of the numbers drawn, but not the Powerball number.

According to the lottery's website, the odds of that happening are one in 5,138,133.

A Fastrip Markets employee who didn't want to be identified said the store doesn't know who purchased the winning ticket.

"Of course. This is a hot spot for the lottery," he said when asked if the store sells many lottery tickets.

The Wisconsin Lottery hasn't returned a call seeking information about the winning sale.

Someone in Florida won $61.5 million in Wednesday's Powerball drawing.

The estimated jackpot for Saturday's drawing is a $20 million annuity or $11.2 million in cash.