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MARCH 1, 2011: Would-be I-94 jumper taken into custody

A man who climbed the chain-link fence on the 11th Street Bridge over I-94 was taken into protective custody Tuesday afternoon. He (with Nike on the back of his shirt) was transported to Hudson Hospital by St. Croix EMS.

Hudson police and emergency personnel resolved a situation where a man was threatening to jump from the 11th Street bridge onto the westbound lanes of Interstate 94.

The subject was taken into custody about eight minutes after the incident began, about 1:50 p.m.

St. Croix Dispatch was notified by numerous cell callers of a male standing outside the chain-link fence on a bridge.

Officers scrambled to find the man, checking both St. Croix River crossing and 11th Street overpass before he was spotted hanging onto the outside of the 11th Street bridge, above the interstate.

Efforts began to stop westbound traffic on I-94 and fire and ambulance personnel were en route to stage at the WDOT parking lot near Target to respond in case he jumped or fell.

Responding units were cancelled minutes later and the individual was removed from the scene by ambulance, apparently uninjured.