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Bethel Highlands break ground for columbarium

Members of Bethel Lutheran Church participated in a liturgy of groundbreaking for a columbarium and memorial garden on Sunday, Sept. 18, at the congregation's Highlands Campus, 405 Frontage Road, in the town of Hudson.

The ceremony marks the beginning of construction of a columbarium and memorial garden that will initially provide inurnment niches for up to 160 individuals at the time of death. Bethel member Todd Halunen designed the memorial garden to accommodate two additional columbaria, each with the same capacity, which can be added to the garden as the need arises.

"The design is a permanent location on church grounds where urns will be respectfully held and protected, providing a peaceful gathering place where family members and friends can visit a loved one's final resting place," said Nancy Langness, Columbarium project chairperson.

Bethel's senior Pastor Dennis Nelson said "This is a 21st century version of the longstanding funerary tradition which continually reminds new generations of churchgoers that, while death is a part of the human experience for all of us, resurrection hope is at the heart of Christian faith."