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St. Croix County is business friendly

St. Croix County Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Bill Rubin has an office at the St. Croix County Government Center. The organization, looking out for area business interests, is funded by three enties: St. Croix County, various towns and cities in the county and a long list of county businesses. Doug Stohlberg photo

St. Croix County is business friendly for a number of reasons. First, in side-by-side comparisons of property tax, income tax and sales tax, Wisconsin comes out ahead when compared to Minnesota.

St. Croix County is close to Minneapolis and St. Paul, it's on I-94 and it has county, city and village officials who are anxious to help. It's the ideal location for both start-up companies and existing companies thinking of relocation.

In addition, St. Croix County is a growing county - one of the fastest growing in the nation. The county added 21,190 new residents over the 10-year period, for an increase of 33.6 percent. The 2010 census estimated St. Croix County's 2010 population at 84,345 compared to 63,155 in 2000. Government statisticians and demographers forecast the population of this region will nearly double in the next 25 years.

Normal growth, continued migration from Minneapolis and St. Paul and other growth are expected to increase the number of people here to 148,000 by 2035.

The county is seeing growth nearly all towns and villages like Baldwin, Hammond, Roberts, Woodville and Somerset. Cities like Hudson, New Richmond and River Falls continue to grow at rates much higher than national averages.

That growth will bring continued opportunity for businesses to answer consumer demand and the ability to tap a skilled workforce.

This issue of the St. Croix Business Review spotlights several family-owned businesses that have called St. Croix County their home. We also feature several firms that have set down roots here and blossomed to reach clients around the country and beyond.

If you're looking for a good place to do business, consider St. Croix County. In addition to assistance from local government officials, local lenders have the resources necessary to make start-ups and relocation a reality.