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UPDATE: Stand-off in New Richmond ends peacefully

St. Croix County ERU members gather at Paperjack Park off 11th Street in New Richmond late Thursday in preparation for an operation in the Southview subdivision. New Richmond police chief Mark Samelstad is at the front left.1 / 2
Sixteen vehicles and at least as many officers gathered in Paperjack Park, below 11th Street late Thursday as they prepared for a possible confrontation in the Southview Addition.2 / 2

A 55-year-old male quietly surrendered to law enforcement authorities Thursday evening after a four-hour stand-off in New Richmond.

According to New Richmond Police Chief Mark Samelstad, officers responded to a report that a suicidal male had made worrisome statements to family members. Officers also learned that the man had long guns and handguns inside the residence.

Access to a four-block area of New Richmond's southeast side was restricted late Thursday afternoon as local police, with support of St. Croix County's Emergency Response team, attempted to peacefully resolve the situation.

Samelstad said just before 5 p.m. that traffic in and out on Bilmar Avenue and the Southview subdivision would be blocked indefinitely as SWAT team members moved into position.

A dozen or more officers assembled in Paperjack Park were dressed in preparation for prolonged outdoor exposure.

The collection included the county's command vehicle -- a large converted motor home -- and a smaller truck used to drop off SWAT officers, along with many squad cars and at least one canine.

As officers began evacuating homes near the subject's house, Samelstad said, the man began backing his vehicle out of his garage.

"He peacefully surrendered to officers," Samelstad said.

The man was taken to Westfields Hospital for an evaluation.