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Green says time to reinstate military pay state tax exemptions

Restoring and expanding military pay state tax deductions is just one of the items Mark Green has said he wants to do to help give back to Wisconsin veterans.

Green, who is the Republican candidate for governor, says that prior to 1985 the first $1,000 of military pay was deductible from state income taxes.

He now wants to restore the exemption and raise it to $5,000.

"The commitment and dedication our brave veterans have shown to our country, to our state and to our way of life must never be forgotten," said Green.

He also wants to expand a state health care aid grant to more needy veterans and also allow their families to participate.

Under the state's current program veterans have a lifetime cap of $5,000 for dental, vision and hearing care and excludes families.

Green wants to change the cap to an annual cap of $7,000 and include families. Veterans would still need to show need as in the current program.

The candidate also wants to make it so that post-Vietnam era veterans can receive up to four-years of credit towards their state retirement if they are state employees.

He also wants to expand a property tax credit put in place last year.

Under the current program veterans who have a 100 percent service-connected disability and over age 65 can deduct their property taxes from their state income tax. Green's plan would eliminate the age requirement.