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Drawdown halted, dredging continues in Mississippi River near Alma

Habitat restoration in the Mississippi River near Alma will be delayed because the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has suspended the drawdown of Pool 5 which began in June.

The Corps made the move after a tugboat was grounded and a channel in the river closed earlier this month.

In a release the Corps said the grounding was not because of the drawdown which was going on at the time.

According to the Corps, water levels were near normal at the time of the grounding.

The channel was dredged and the river was reopened to commercial navigation.

The Corps will dredge the channel at the Lower Zumbro River during the week of July 24 to reestablish the authorized channel.

"When this work is completed, the drawdown may be resumed," said Jeff DeZellar, the Corps' Pool 5 project manager. "However, before resuming the drawdown in 2006, the project team and partners will evaluate what the benefits, and possible impacts, might be of restarting the drawdown in late July or early August."