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Madison woman accused of taking donations for cancer she never had

A woman from Madison is accused of getting thousands in donations for a cancer she never had.

Angelia Culberson, 36, was charged this week in Columbia County with felony theft. Attorneys will meet with a judge on Tuesday to decide how the case will proceed. Authorities cited a dozen people and two business owners who gave $6,000 to Culberson at a fund-raiser in Arlington in 2002.

Investigators said others gave as well -- but they didn't want to press charges.

Court records in a Dane County custody case include a statement from Culberson that she lied to a co-worker about missing work -- and she shaved her head to convince people she had Hodgkin's disease.

Some people apparently drove Culberson to University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison for the treatments she never had.

She said it was a nightmare to live the lie.