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River Falls Police Chief to co-chair governor's panel on campus security

Governor Jim Doyle has responded to the Virginia Tech massacre by creating a task force of ensure safety on Wisconsin's campuses.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay chancellor Bruce Shepard will co-chair the panel along with River Falls Police Chief Roger Leque.

Students, parents, mental health experts, and others will also serve.

Doyle says they'll look at a host of questions like whether campus security officers should carry guns.

He also wants the panel to find a way to distinguish students with mental issues from those who are just plain dangerous.

But that won't be easy, because the committee will run into privacy laws.

Recommendations are expected by the end of the year, but Doyle says college security concerns never end - so the panel will stay in existence.

One thing the governor won't consider is allowing concealed weapons.

They are allowed in Virginia, but hidden guns were still banned on the Tech campus the day Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and himself.