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Edwards finding support in Wisconsin

John Edwards got some of his biggest support in Wisconsin when he ran for president three years ago.

And some top Democrats in the state joined together Wednesday to endorse the former North Carolina senator in his 2008 bid.

Dave Cieslewicz, Madison mayor, says he appreciates Edwards laying out his policy stands so early and that he repudiated his Senate vote in 2002 in favor of the Iraq war.

The mayor also said he respected Edwards' focus on poverty. In 2004, he struck a chord among Wisconsin's middle class when he talked of the widening income gap and his so-called Two Americas. It helped Edwards finish a close second behind John Kerry in the Wisconsin primary.

Now, former Gov. Tony Earl calls Edwards the most electable candidate. Dawn Marie Sass, state treasurer, also endorsed him along with Mark Meyer, public service commissioner, and 11 state legislators.

Early polls have Edwards third in the Badger State among Democrats. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are one and two.