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Wisconsin PGA offers to teach golf in schools

The Wisconsin PGA will try to get more kids to play golf.

The association's board has approved a three-year program in which professionals will teach golf in elementary phy-ed classes and it won't cost the schools anything.

The sectional PGA is starting to raise $1.6 million for the effort. It will match the first quarter-million in donations.

The emergence of Tiger Woods has turned pro golf into a major spectator sport, but it has not translated to more players.

Total rounds have not increased in several years and courses that were built in anticipation of Tiger's popularity now sit empty during the week.

Jack Gaudion, the managing partner of a course in Wales, says the sport is kidding itself about its popularity until it gets into the schools.

The Wisconsin PGA runs up to 70 junior tournaments a year and for the first time, the new program will focus simply on playing.