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Former daughter-in-law suspect in abduction of 57-year-old

A former daughter-in-law is the latest to be arrested in the abduction of a 57-year-old woman near Green Bay.

Penny Raleigh, 39, is accused of helping arrange a burglary at the home of her ex-mother-in-law, Alyce Pellus, while she was riding around in a car trunk.

Raleigh is the fifth to be arrested for last Monday's incident in Suamico.

Authorities said Raleigh and Richard Deterville, 19, broke into Pellus's home, where Deterville blindfolded the woman while holding what she thought was a gun to her back.

Pellus said she could hear others while being blindfolded. Officials said the suspects drove her around for several hours before releasing her unharmed.

But by then, officials said the group stole her credit cards, jewelry, watches and an urn with her husband's ashes.

Raleigh faces possible charges of kidnapping, robbery by use of force, and false imprisonment.

The others face similar charges and are being held on bonds from $75,000 to $100,000 each.

The other defendants are the victim's granddaughter, Kira Raleigh, 19; Adam Zeitler, 18; and Christopher Makela, 17.

Investigators said Penny armed the suspects and gave them gloves to wear during the burglary.