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Packers won't say if Favre asked to be traded

Packers' general manager Ted Thompson said Brett Favre was just being human when he lashed out at the team for not trading for Randy Moss.

"I think it's natural for a player to be frustrated from time to time, that's simply being human," said Thompson in an article on the team's Web site.

"Everyone knows that Brett Favre is all about winning. As an organization, we share that commitment. And we want to win now," Thompson added.

But Thompson refused to comment on a report from that Favre's agent asked for a trade.

"We never comment on the talks we have with our players or with their agents, in line with the long-standing policy of our organization," Thompson said.

Bus Cook reportedly said the 37-year-old quarterback was fed up with the Packers, after the Oakland receiver went to New England for a fourth-round draft pick.

Fox also said Packers' coach Mike McCarthy tried several times to reach Favre -- and when the three-time MVP finally returned his calls last week, the two reportedly smoothed things over.

But on Saturday, Favre told reporters at his charity golf tournament in Mississippi that Moss would have played in Green Bay for less than New England offered him.

While he didn't question the Packers' desire to win, the 16-year NFL veteran said doesn't have 5-8 years for the team to rebuild.

The Packers will hold a mandatory mini-camp next weekend and it's not certain if Favre will attend, since he's still recovering from an ankle operation this spring to remove bone spurs.