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Family drowns near Mississippi River dam

A search continues today (Monday) for four La Crosse residents who are presumed dead near a swirling lock and- dam in the Mississippi River near Dresbach, Minn.

An air and water search took place Sunday but the only things found were the victims' shoes and life jackets.

Cha Kong Yang, 34, his fiancée, Cee Her, 34, and her two young children, Amanda and Josh Xiong, all fell from a fishing boat in rough waters.

It happened late Saturday afternoon. The family moved recently from St. Paul to La Crosse.

Relatives and a witness said they just wrapped up their day of fishing when a line might have got tangled up in the boat's propeller. A strong current sucked the boat into the dam.

Winona County authorities are seeking volunteers to continue the search today. Her was pregnant and the couple has six other kids who did not make the trip.