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GOP hopeful after state convention

Republicans headed home Sunday from their state convention in Lake Geneva, confident they'll keep the White House in 2008, and win back the state Senate.

Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau targeted three Democrats for defeat: Roger Breske of Eland, Bob Wirch of Pleasant Prairie and Dave Hansen of Green Bay.

Delegates joined Fitzgerald in railing Gov. Jim Doyle's proposed state budget which has more than $1.75 billion dollars in tax and fee increases.

Delegates wore buttons with red circles crossing out the words "fees" and "taxes."

Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee was the delegates' choice for president. He got 95 votes in the annual straw poll by

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson had 84 votes and Mitt Romney was a distant third. Almost half the delegates picked Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker as their choice for governor in 2010.

Walker ran a year ago until he withdrew to make way for former Congressman Mark Green. Green only got 62 votes in this weekend's straw poll, to 142 for Walker.