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NFL forces Packer rookie running back out of mini-camp

The Green Bay Packers will open their first full mini-camp Friday without their second-round draft choice.

The NFL's Management Council has ordered Nebraska running back Brandon Jackson to stay away.

That's because they want him in Los Angeles for the Reebok Rookie Premier event, in which top rookies pose for playing cards and start working on endorsement deals.

It's a huge honor and not every draft choice gets to go.

However, Jackson's agent, Gary Wichard, says his client would much rather be at camp to start working with the veterans and start competing with Vernand Morency and Noah Herron for the starting running back spot.

The NFL has promised five big card companies they'd have star rookies like Jackson, Brady Quinn, and JaMarcus Russell at their event.

The league's governing body said that even if Jackson skipped it, he's still barred from the mini-camp.

Needless to say, the Packers are not happy.

Coach Mike McCarthy said he still expects all his players at the mandatory mini-camp and nobody has been excused.