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Necedah man free on bail after leaving 90-year woman dead on toilet

A Necedah man accused of leaving a 90-year-old dead woman on a toilet seat for two months is now free on bond.

A Juneau County judge agreed Monday to let Alan Bushey, 57, post $10,000, instead of the $25,000 that was ordered earlier.

Bushey and Tammy Lewis, 35, are each charged with two counts of causing mental harm to a child.

Authorities said Lewis's children were harmed by seeing Magdeline Middlesworth sit on the toilet while her corpse was deteriorating.

Prosecutors quoted Bushey as getting signs from God that Middlesworth would come back to life if they prayed enough.

Court records said the couple was part of a six-member religious group that was still getting the dead woman's Social Security payments.

State justice officials joined sheriff's deputies a week ago in their investigation and they said more charges are possible. For now, Lewis is getting a mental exam.

The children - ages 12 and 15 - are in foster care.