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Gas prices soar to all-time high

Wisconsin gas prices hit another all-time high this morning.

The Triple A said the average statewide price of unleaded regular hit $4.04-.06 cents a gallon.

It's just a tad below $4 in Eau Claire, Green Bay, Janesville and Beloit. Milwaukee has the highest average in Wisconsin by far - around 4.16 a gallon. One station in Mukwonago was at $4.29 Sunday.

If it's keeping people at home, you'd never know it on the drive to Minneapolis where thousands of Milwaukee Brewer fans went to see their team win one of three games from the Twins this past weekend at the Metrodome.

If they thought gas would be cheaper in Minnesota, they were disappointed. Many stations between Hudson and Minneapolis were in the upper $3.90s, just like most of western Wisconsin.

Oil futures hit a record $142 a barrel in overseas trading overnight which means prices should keep going up.

We've been told for some time that supply and demand no longer has much to do with it. They blame market speculators and a weak dollar.

Demand has been down - at least in the U.S. -- as more folks use buses, trains and even bicycles to get around.