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50 sex offenders who refuse to register to go on most-wanted Web site

If you're a sex offender who has not registered with the state, you may soon find your picture on a most-wanted Internet list.

The Corrections Department plans to add up to 50 photos this summer to a Web site that has listed the most serious sex offenders for almost two years.

The goal is to get the public to help authorities track down some of the more dangerous sex offenders who have not registered.

Melissa Roberts of the Corrections Department says the site has helped nab 57 wanted offenders. And 17 who are now on the site remain at large.

The register lets the state keep track of those criminals.

Neighbors are often alerted when they plan to move someplace.

Roberts says only the most dangerous and elusive sex offenders will get their faces online and there might not be 50 who meet the criteria.

The state has extensively investigated their cases. They all have active warrants for not registering which is a crime in and of itself.

Gov. Jim Doyle ordered the original Web site. He says officers have done a good job tracking down the most wanted sex offenders and it's still a top priority.