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UPDATE: Hudson man robbed at gunpoint is arrested as well

Michael Schwartzkoph

The Hudson homeowner who was robbed at gun point early Monday morning has himself been arrested right along with the man who broke into his home. Police arrested Michael Wayne Schwartzkopf of Fond du Lac for the break-in. The homeowner, Steven Iverson, 1820 Stone Creek St., was arrested shortly thereafter when police allegedly found drugs in the residence.

Both men are being held in St. Croix County Jail pending charges.

The Hudson Police Department, along with deputies from the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office, were dispatched to the home invasion at Iverson's residence in Hudson. The call came at approximately 1:25 a.m.

When officers arrived they found the front door to the residence open and the 29 year-old homeowner bound in the garage area. According to Iverson, the robber was described as being in his mid 20's, with short blonde hair and a goatee.

He said the man kicked in the front door and pointed handgun at him. The suspect bound the homeowner's hands with "zip ties" and forced him to open a safe located in the garage. The suspect took several handguns from the safe and then fled on foot.

Officers began tracking the suspect using a St. Croix County K9 when they came across some of the handguns on the ground. Officers tracked the suspect approximately one block to a home at 1805 Shasta Drive. As they reached this residence they were met by this homeowner who was pulling up in a vehicle. The homeowner told officers he had just given a ride to a male who said his vehicle had broken down. The homeowner told officers he gave the man a ride to the Kwik Trip Gas Station located at 2401 Crest View Drive.

Officers and deputies responded to the Kwik Trip and were informed by the clerk, that a male matching the description of the suspect, was inside the men's rest room.

Minutes later, police took a 26-year-old male into custody as he exited the men's room. Officers located a backpack in the store that contained a loaded handgun and money taken from the home invasion.

In the process of the investigation, HPD Chief Marty Jensen said officers came across illegal drugs that allegedly belong to Iverson. A search warrant of the home was executed and Iverson was arrested.

The Hudson Police Department are currently processing both crime scenes for both crimes and interviewing witnesses. The department is also looking for the driver and a vehicle that was in the area at the time of this crime might be involved. The department is asking anyone with information about this incident to call the Hudson Police Department at (715)386-4771.