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UPDATE: Woman seeks help, witnesses after hit-and-run crash

River Falls resident Sara Semi sends out a call for help from others in the region both to find her lost dog and find anyone who might have seen her get hit by a full-sized 18 wheeler about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 14.

Semi, who's 7 ½ months pregnant, was driving her boyfriend to work in Hammond, carrying along their small dog, Bubba, in their black two-door Pontiac Sunfire. They were in the "slow" lane on the right going about 60 mph, even commenting on the big truck riding in the "fast" lane on the left but driving about the same speed they were.

The couple was eastbound on I-94 about five miles from the Hammond exit.

She said, "The next thing I know, I get completely hit from the side."

The hit sent her car skidding in front of the truck, where Semi says her car was hit three more times before becoming airborne, flipping over several times, and landing in a ditch.

The couple saw the big truck's brake lights, as if the driver knew something had happened, but they said it just kept going.

Semi said their Dachshund-Terrier mix jumped out a window and ran in terror. She said someone called the morning of Thursday, March 15, to say they'd seen Bubba and thought he'd been hit and killed by a car.

Semi went to the place and confirmed that it was her dog and that he was deceased.

She would appreciate any information people may have about the hit-and-run accident. All they know about the truck is that it was a full-sized 18 wheeler with a white trailer.

Emergency responders reported to the accident scene, and an ambulance took Semi to Regions Hospital with back and abdominal pain. Though Semi left the hospital that afternoon with back problems and in a neck brace, initial exams showed that she, her boyfriend, and the baby are OK.

She said they must return for checkups on the baby to be sure no problems develop.

She said the car is completely totaled and while the State Police will search for the truck, she'd appreciate any information people might have, especially those who might have witnessed anything related to the accident.

Anyone with information about the truck that hit Semi should call her at 715-410-9952.