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Buckled pavement wreaks havoc

Highway 29 is open again west of Chippewa Falls after the intense heat caused the pavement to buckle and cause dramatic incidents during the first two days of July.

An SUV on the road went airborne, and two semi-trucks almost hit each other. On Sunday, the buckling pavement on Hwy. 29 created a ramp and some large divots.

While a number of vehicles scraped bottom, the SUV literally flew over the ramp - crossed into the opposite lanes - and came to rest after narrowly missing an oncoming vehicle.

Theresa Reich of Eau Claire told WQOW TV that she took pictures of the divots, and she didn't realize her cell phone had recorded the entire incident with the SUV. That video is now on the station's Web site, other media, and You-Tube. Click here to view the video:

Two people in the SUV were taken to a hospital with back and neck pains. Crews fixed the pavement after that. But the road was closed again July 2 after more buckling and the two semi-trucks' near miss. The pavement was fixed again later in the day - and 29 in Chippewa County was reopened.