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Harley-Davidson asks for lawsuit dismissal

Wisconsin's Harley-Davidson has asked a Texas judge to throw out a legal claim filed by a man who said a defective cruise control caused his motorcycle to hit a road barrier.

William Simmons sued the dealer where he bought the bike, as well as Harley's Dallas-Fort Worth management group and the firm's Milwaukee headquarters. He said he was injured in 2009 when the cruise control engaged on his motorcycle, as he was entering a curved freeway ramp on I-45 in Texas.

Simmons said he applied the brakes, but the cruise control did not disengage like it was supposed to, causing him to lose control and strike a concrete barricade. Harley said Simmons did not produce quote, "one scintilla of evidence" that a manufacturing or design defect caused the crash.

The company pointed out that Simmons had plenty of time to research the matter in the three years since the mishap took place.