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Road rage leads to fight, arrests

An Oshkosh man and his 18-year-old son were taken to jail, after they and two others were arrested in a road-rage incident that ended in a fight on a freeway near Neenah.

Winnebago County sheriff's deputies said two vehicles cut each other off yesterday afternoon on Hwy. 41. People in both vehicles exchanged hand gestures before they stopped and confronted each other.

A passing motorist saw two people fighting on the shoulder of the road and called 911. Officers eventually found both vehicles.

The Oshkosh man was jailed for an outstanding warrant, and his son was jailed for violating a previous probation. A 32-year-old Appleton man and a 52-year-old Green Bay man in the other car were cited for disorderly conduct A woman was also on hand but was arrested.