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Driver reading text message hits cattle trailer, killing prize-winning cow

Madison Police said a woman was reading a text message when her vehicle swerved into a cattle trailer and killed a prize-winning cow that had just left World Dairy Expo.

The 26-year-old woman was cited for inattentive driving after the crash, which occurred late Saturday night on Madison's Beltline freeway.

It's illegal in Wisconsin to read or send text messages behind the wheel.

Police said the woman was driving east when her vehicle swerved left and hit the cattle trailer. The collision pushed the trailer into a ditch, where it overturned.

Eight prize-winning Jersey cows from the World Dairy Expo were in the trailer. Thse animals were valued around a half-million dollars. One died.

Police said two cows might have been pregnant and were taken to a veterinarian. The surviving cows were taken away in other trailers.

Neither driver was hurt. Expo manager Mark Clarke said the dead cow was owned by someone outside of Wisconsin. He said Expo officials were happy that none of the people in the crash were injured.