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Intoxicated man swims to evade police

A 27-year-old Plymouth, Minn., man risked drowning before he allowed himself to be pulled on board a police boat just off the dike road around 8:50 p.m. on Saturday.

According to Hudson Police Department Sgt. Glen Hartman, Myles Nelson was on board a boat on the St. Croix when he jumped into the water to swim across the river. Nelson was allegedly very intoxicated when another boater came upon him floating on a noodle. The boater talked Nelson into getting on board but then he jumped back in the water again. The boater called 911 concerned that Nelson would tire and drown.

Water rescue boats from St. Croix County, HPD and Washington County were on the scene but Nelson kept swimming away from them and refused to take hold of a life preserver thrown to him, all the while shouting profanities.

Hartman said the dive team was dispatched to retrieve Nelson when the swimmer decided he had had enough and was pulled onto one of the police boats.

Nelson was evaluated by EMS personnel on the scene but he was not injured, only intoxicated.