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Northern Illinois earthquake felt in southeastern Wisconsin

This morning's earthquake in northern Illinois is the eighth tremor in the last 15 years to be felt in southeastern Wisconsin, according to the UW-Milwaukee Seismic Center.

Today's quake hit about 4 a.m. near DeKalb, Ill. It had a magnitude of 4.3.

The quake caused minor damage but no injuries.

A woman in Port Washington told the Journal Sentinel that a rattling door on her dresser woke her up. Her husband passed it off as a passing snowplow and went back to sleep.

The woman said she couldn't hear the normal humming of a plow - and an earthquake was a much better explanation.

A Kenosha County woman said the quake knocked out her TV set.

UW-Milwaukee said today's tremor was the first to be felt in Milwaukee since April of 2008, when a 5.2 earthquake hit southern Illinois.