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Roof collapses at New Richmond animal shelter

Collapsed roof at Gregory's Gift of Hope animal shelter. Photo by Jackie Grumish

The roof of the facility at Gregory's Gift of Hope animal rescue shelter collapsed Saturday afternoon during the winter storm that hit the region.

According to shelter officials, no one was hurt. One of the shelter's rescue dogs, Juno, was outside in the indoor arena area when the collapse occurred. The dog did sustain cuts on her paw but was otherwise untouched.

Gregory's Gift of Hope volunteers are working to make sure the rescue dogs are able to get out to other safe areas for their bathroom/exercise breaks.

Shelter officials are looking for old blankets, rugs or towels. The facility's laundry room area has been affected from the collapse, which is making it difficult to keep up with bedding needs for the animals.

They said they could also use stainless steel dog food bowls, lots of paper towels and dog toys to keep the rescues occupied and calm with all of the commotion,

The facility may also be looking for foster homes for some of the rescues depending on the length of time needed for cleanup and rebuilding.