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Awaken Higher Brain Living opens center in Hudson

From left are Denise Gunderson, Teresa Gillen, Susan Schultz and Nancy Lawton-Shirley. Not pictured is Joanne Wakefield. (Hudson Star-Observer photo by Margaret A. Ontl)

If you are stuck on your path of life, maybe you need an energy surge to your prefrontal cortex. The Awaken Higher Brain Living enter in Hudson may give you the opportunity to move your life forward in ways you could only dream about.

Nancy Lawton-Shirley, a pioneer all of her life, thought there really wasn’t anything new she needed to add to her resume of healing modalities. An occupational therapist that also specializes in craniosacral therapy and myofascial release, Lawton-Shirley was first introduced to Higher Brain Living over a year ago.

“My naturopath had been talking about it,” said Lawton-Shirley, “I went to a presentation and signed up. I really didn’t think I was going to find anything new. But I found something bigger and better. One of the aspects is that we have a lot of expertise with kids and all of these kids have to the potential to benefit from this.”

It is not just for kids. Lawton-Shirley was so inspired she became a facilitator for the new modality Higher Brain Living before she finished the 20 weeks of treatment that make up the program. In July 2013 her enthusiasm translated a new venture. In August a new collaborative team emerged in Hudson, made up of Lawton-Shirley, Denise Gundersen, Susan Schultz, Teresa Gillen and Joanne Wakefield. All of them are facilitators for the new “one of a kind technique.”

“There are only 180 people trained in the world,” said Gundersen “and we have five of them right here.”

The 22 step wellness program uses energy applied to specific points on the physical body which de-stress the body and the brain while activating the pre-frontal cortex area of the brain. It is the area of the brain involved in problem solving, emotion and complex thought.

Susan Schultz, a native of Hammond, who is an occupational therapist by trade, knew she was on board almost immediately.

“The changes were instant,” said Schultz, who works at Points of Stillness Wellness and Rehabilitation for Children and Adults. “I have done a lot of energy work and I needed to know it worked before I could offer it to other people.”

Denise Gundersen who manages the Healing Waters Health Center and is the owner and provider at Healing Waters Qigong signed when Lawton-Shirley, shared with her “that there is something to this.”

“I noticed the difference right away,” said Gundersen. “It changed my life.”

It can change your life too. A session using a gentle touch technique pioneered by chiropractor Dr. Michael Cotton can help with stress, emotional trauma, physical pain, disorganization, anxiety, depression and help individuals interested in higher consciousness and personal growth.

The proof is in the testing, there are three tiers to the program and by the time you reach the third tier it shows brain advancements equal to that of Tibetan meditators who have meditated for four hours a day for 30 years.

Before you can sign up for the program you are required to attended a free information presentation. There is one this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. otherwise they are held the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Healing Waters Health Center, 2705 Enloe St., Hudson. Pre-registration is required by calling (715) 381-8123.

Affiliated with the Hudson location are Awaken Higher Brain Living Centers in Woodbury and Eagan.

You may find addition information on the program by visiting their websites at ; and