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Angel's Pet World moves downtown

Angel and Al Duratti have moved their store Angel’s Pet World to River City Center.(Hudson Star-Observer photos by Margaret A. Ontl)1 / 3
Big Bird made the move to the new location and is still ready to greet customers. Photo by Margaret Ontl for Hudson Star Observer.2 / 3
Jennifer Halverson is the onsite groomer at Angel’s Pet World Photo by Margaret Ontl for Hudson Star Observer.3 / 3

They met at the New Richmond Farm and Home store. She managed the pet care section and he called on her as a distributor of pet food and supplies. It was a success story. The couple married and decided to explore their talents by going out on their own. In 2003, Angel and Al Duratti opened Angel’s Pet World in Plaza 94. Last week, they carried their dream and success to the next level by relocating Angel’s, which is independently and locally owned, to River City Center.

It started years ago when Al noticed that Angel had grown the pet section in the Farm and Home into a fabulous little department.

Al came with years of experience in the industry, having called on stores in a five state area. When Plaza 94 Pets closed he knew it wasn’t due to lack of traffic.  The couple decided to go for it, opening Angel’s Pet World in the same 6,000-square-foot location. Two years after opening they added grooming services.

“In 2011, the same year we opened our River Falls store at 1331 N. Main St. we decided to stop offering puppies and decided to connect with rescue groups instead,” said Angel.

Anyone owning a dog or cat has probably noticed the vast selection of food choices now available, with new ones showing up on the shelves almost daily.

“One of the biggest things that has changed is the public’s awareness of what is in the food,” said Al.

“It really can be attributed to the dog food companies,” said Al. “One will state they have no corn and before you know it they all have to have a similar product. We have gone through so many phases. The thing that is important is the quality of ingredients.”

“That is our job, to help you determine which food is best,” said Al. Today, you name it and it is available from single source protein foods to grain free foods with venison, duck, turkey, lamb, bison, salmon, sweet potatoes to name a few.

“It is our philosophy to start them out on a food that includes grain,” said Angel. “I don’t believe that all grains are bad. If you have an issue you have a choice.”

The new store is 8,000 square feet which means there is plenty of room for the over 35 different varieties of food including dry, frozen and canned.

“There are hundreds more available,” said Angel. “We will special order food for anybody and we work with area veterinarians to help customers determine what food works best especially if there is an allergy issue.”

The Durattis listened to customers and added a variety of new offerings and signage to guide customers to just the area they are interested in.

New is the self-service dog bath. Owners must towel dry their pets. They have added a complete section for wild bird supplies. A free scale is now available for customers to weigh their pets and dog training classes will be added in mid to late April.

Nearly every department has expanded. Angel’s offers small animals, such as hamsters, live birds, fish, live reptiles (except snakes) and all of the supplies to go with them.

“We have a full line of dog and cat supplies,” said Angel. To help customers, they now separate areas for dog and cat items. 

The in-house, independent groomer Jennifer Halverson has more space as well.

“The biggest thing is that we are here to answer any questions,” said Al.

“We are absolutely here for the customers,” said Angel. A grand opening is planned for late April.

Angel’s Pet World now located at 105 Second Street in River City Center. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (715) 386-6740 or go to

If you want to set up an appointment for grooming, call (715) 386-3005.