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Redmon Law earns Family Friendly Workplace certification

Pictured (from left to right): Cindy Redmon, Jeff Redmon, Tom Holland (United Way), Rich Lau and Erica Finnegan. Photo courtesy of Redmon Law Chartered

Redmon Law Chartered recently received "Gold" level certification as a Family Friendly Workplace from the United Way St. Croix Valley's Success by 6 initiative. This certification recognizes businesses that actively invest in programs and practices that support employees and their families.

The family-friendly practices Redmon Law Chartered was recognized for included a flexible work schedule, employer-approved variable day or week work schedule, employer paid family health care coverage, and five or more additional days off beyond personal time off for family obligations.

"Helping our employees care for and about their families is a sound business decision," said founder and principal, Jeff Redmon. "Our employees are happier and more productive when their needs are supported. And, through certification, we support critical early childhood education programs within our communities."