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Authorities bust big cocaine-heroin ring

Most of the 48 people named in a cocaine-and-heroin sales operation in the Fox Valley appeared in court late last week. They face a total of 61 felony charges and 15 misdemeanors in what officials call the largest drug business of its kind ever to hit the Oshkosh area.

Officials said the arrests stemmed from a yearlong investigation into the sale of $4.5 million worth of crack and heroin. More charges are on the way because police-and-prosecutors are still writing reports about the evidence they obtained.

The Lake Winnebago Drug Enforcement Group headed a yearlong investigation. Its director, Brad Dunlap, said the defendants had sold $3.6 million worth of heroin and $900,000 worth of crack cocaine in the area.

He said the group allegedly distributed over 90,000 doses of heroin and $18,000 units of crack. Dunlap said 21 suspects were tied to illegal drug rings in Chicago - and the rest were independent operators.

Authorities used informants to buy their drug evidence. And those who bought and sold the drugs in Oshkosh gave statements to police. Two suspects remain at large.

Police said 11 of the alleged offenders are in prison for other convictions. Prosecutors said 28-year-old Lorenzo Curry and 26-year-old Lord Wilson were the ringleaders of the operation. Both are charged with conspiracy to deliver cocaine and heroin.

Curry is in the Stanley Prison for a battery conviction. Wilson was held under a $100,000 dollar bond.